Bill Chen

I play code and pixels.


首张带 Vocal 电音 EP《Out of Focus》现已发布。



Lately I’ve been out of my focus
like surfing on the water without a proper locus
It feels wrong
Keep saying goodbye and go on
Watch ‘em running as they’re told to be strong
Searching for fame that they want

I’m waiting for the night to wake u
Now don't
Don’t let them find a chance to break us
Every step has left a trace
Chasing for the better place
Who’s the one to say it’s right or wrong
It’s something that I have to face

So do I go on
Searching for something new
Or do I settle down
Out of my focus

So do I go on
Keep getting crazier
Or do you settle down
Tear all of the fakes apart

Out of my focus
Out of my focus
Out of my focus
Out of my focus